Our toddler steps towards our mission.

We strongly believe that the only metrics that matters to us is the "destination" that we dream for each of our cohorts. In fact we call each of our cohort NOT by the year of them joining us, but the year they will graduate and get their job! 

Our Year 1 journey has 21 families who have embraced us for helping them in their child's educational journey. The children's age range from 10 to 21 and are currently studying in different grades / schools and colleges. 

Our interventions at this point includes taking over full/partial finances of their school expenses, bi-monthly progress check with schools and parents, training and supporting hand-picked tuition teachers/field staff in filling the ed-gaps and lastly mentoring/counselling sessions with both parents and children. We are also in talks with partner organizations on providing a "financial umbrella" (Insurance, Saving Plans and access to low interest loans) and "re-skilling"  to the families so that we get the financial worries out of the way. 

Stay tuned as  Chethan, Hanumashree, Almaz, Giridhar, Noorjahan and our other orbit shifters share their stories and guide us towards making "that" change in the universe!