Our Partners

 We believe that there are three sets of partners without whom we just wont exist. 

The First sets of partners are our "The Orbit Shifters" and their families who inspire and prove to the world that "orbits" can change if there is a willingness and determination to make that happen! In many ways they will be our force-multipliers who will help us multiply the shifts many-fold in their own societies by being a part of the "hive" -  a self-sustained social network  providing a mutual support system.

Our Second set of partners are our "Donors and Philanthropic Funders" who prove to the world that it is possible to build a equitable society if we can embrace a little kindness and compassion. They fuel our mission.

And the Third set of partners are our "Non-Profit, Educational and Credibility Partners" who prove to the world that "collectively" there are solutions for every problems that may ever exist.They enable our mission.

Our Orbit Shifters



John started his orbit shifting journey in 2008.  An avid auto-enthusiast, this year he completed his bachelors from New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore. With placement season over, he just bagged his first employment with the Automative biggies!



Ujwal started his orbit shifting journey in 2012. With an incredible ability in sports, Ujwal  is now in Grade 9th and is pursuing his "sports" oriented education at Alva's Educational Institutions in Mudbidere, Karnataka. He already started representing his school in the state level competitions and we hope to see him represent India very soon!



Sampa started her orbit shifting journey in 2012. With an uncanny ability for managing events and people, Sampa is now pursuing her PUC in Commerce with Alva's Educational Institute in Mudbidere, Karnataka. She dreams of becoming an IAS officer who will change the destiny of the nation some day!



Sanjeev started his orbit shifting journey in 2015. Currently in Grade 9th in a private school in Bangalore. Has an extreme passion for web designing and looks forward eagerly for his weekly computer class to "immerse" himself in programming. Who knows if Sanjeev will land up creating the next big "unicorn" even before he finishes his schooling!

....and 600 more yet to join


John,Ujwal, Sampa and Sanjeev made us realize that orbits shifters  have a huge potential to create a cascading impact through force-multiplier effects! They have the highest impact in community that they come from and are the best "guides" and "mentors"  who can help us. In 2019, we have 18 more cohorts joining the force. We hope to get to 600 in next 3-5 years!

Our Donors and Philanthropic Funders

We are forever indebted to these individuals and organizations who fuel our mission

Senthil Namashivayam  

Lakshmi and Ganesh Ramaswamy 

Jaya and P Ambikapathy

Arun Kumar Hallur

Prabhala Padmanabhan

Kritika and Pawan Singh

PC Hariharan

K Prabhakaran 

K Shankaran

K Bhaskaran

Krish Subramaniam

Lavanya Prabhakar

Raman Ojha

Abhishek Goyal

Karthikeyan Sivakumar

Neethi Ullas

Uma Mani

Sivaram Mayilnathan


Non Profit, Educational ,Credibility and Payment Partners