Our Advisory Board

The Guide (yet to appear)

A passionate and compassionate guide/mentor who is ready to help us on the nuances of starting, running and growing a social enterprise! Someone who will not hesitate to tell us on our face that our dreams are just dreams and ground us from time to time!

The Chartered Financial Guru (yet to be found)

A Chartered Accountant cum financial and legal wizard who can keep us on our toes for making sure our finances are well in control, our legal standing well within the law and lastly ensuring that we are setup in a way that helps us live up to our vision

The Social Messiah (yet to grace us)

The enlightened one who will "lighten" our way and help spread our good intent if found suitable!

The Philanthropist (yet to be discovered)

The wonderful human being who will be ready to spare his/her time for helping us help others!


Raji Krishnamoorthy


Raji's journey of teaching and doing social good goes back to her teen days when she used to take tuition for her neighborhood children. She took that passion and interest further by deciding to pursue a formal career in teaching. She comes with a vast experience in teaching spread over 12+ years. She specializes in teaching computers and additionally assists the pre-primary sections in establishing Playway methods. She holds a degree in commerce and a diploma in computer science. In her quest for more learning, She plans to pursue a post graduation in School Administration. 

She is passionate about gardening and can spend hours with the plants if not interacting with humans!

Shekar Hariharan


Shekar had a corporate career spawning 20+ years, post which he decided to plunge into the education/social sector. He started his new journey in 2017 with a 2 year fellowship program from "Teach for India". As part of the fellowship he went to teach English and Maths to 6th and 7th graders in a Government school but claims that it was the children who taught him lessons on realities of life instead! 

He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Pune University and an executive management degree from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB). 

He is a passionate reader, writer and a movie buff who occasionally plays carnatic violin too!