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What are we trying to do

Why are we trying to do this

Why are we trying to do this

We are a nonprofit organization focused  on embracing the economically challenged families and providing them a sustained support to continue and complete their children's educational journey.

We love to imagine ourselves as the "Uber for the low income family's educational journey". Like Uber, we go to their doorsteps, be with them through the journey and drop them only at their final desired destination!  

Our core focus segment is that of "highly invested parents" who have a dream for their child but the economics limits and situations constraints them from making it true. We wish to untangle these families from these constraints and unleash a possibility of a different future for them and their entire future generations!  

At a ground level, we do this by getting into a 5-10 years engaged intervention with these families where we become their on-demand "aggregator"  and "the last mile connectors" of getting the "education" to their doorsteps so their children can stay on the path.

At a macro level, we wish to be a catalyst in tackling inter-generational poverty by getting  "educational paths" accessible to "all". We do this by creating two type of catalytic agents - Our Beneficiaries and Our Field Staff - both of whom we handpick from the same community and train them to spread education, with or without us!


Why are we trying to do this

Why are we trying to do this

Why are we trying to do this

We strongly believe Education is a life altering tool that can help "defeat" the vicious cycle of inter-generational poverty. Thankfully there are several non-profits as well as Government led programs which are trying to enhance the quality as well as reach of education across the country. 

However we also learnt that continuing this educational journey is an overwhelming ordeal for the economically challenged families! 

 The "cracks" and the "constraints" surrounding their lives are just too many for them to continue keeping their children's "education" as their priority!

Hence there is a need for tackling two issues in parallel- One to invest time and effort in the "future asset"  (the child and its education) and Second to invest equal efforts in the "present"  (the family and all their problems that tends to deprioritize their child's education ) and more importantly making them aware of several options that's available for them and their child.

We wish to embrace both these needs of such families by offering a sustained support services in taking education to their doorsteps.


How can you help us

Why are we trying to do this

How can you help us

Whether you help us through monetary donations, partnering with us, volunteering your time, connecting us to your CSR teams ,offering employment to our cohorts or simply spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, We will not be able to accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Contact us or even better come and meet us! Lets explore together as to how we can shift the orbits of as many economically challenged families as we can!

In case you wish to contribute monetarily, please click on the "Donate" button below which will take you to our payment page allowing you multiple options to contribute. And once done please do not forget to drop in an email to us so we know that we owe you a THANKS that can never be expressed in words but only prayers!

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