Shifting Orbits Foundation

We are registered as a public charitable trust  under the Indian Trust Act 1882. 

Even before the creation of the trust/non-profit, the founders have been involved with more than 4-5 families where they have utilized both their personal finances as well as time to ensure that they break away from poverty. The founding trust members now wish to scale up the impact so that more and more economically challenged families can benefit and break away from poverty. 

We officially came into existence as an entity on November 19th 2018 and obtained 12A Certification from Income Tax Department in September 2019. Currently we have applied for 80G and are awaiting the authorization from the concerned department.

We value transparency at our core and make all our financials available in our website as well as credibility partner sites.  We are registered with NITI Aayog Darpan (Regd  KA/2018/0217647 ) and are certified at Foundation Level Transparency with  Guide Star India as well.

Currently we are under the pre-incubation program at IIM Bangalore NSRCEL and look forward for a healthy guidance towards growing into an organization that makes a meaningful impact to the world around!

How it started

 It all started with John. A teacher from a mid-income school comes back home disturbed. She is disturbed because she learnt that John - a well behaved but average boy of her class was shortly going to leave the school because his family did not have enough to go on. The family was seriously contemplating as they saw no hope in their ability to cross the numerous hurdles that lays ahead.

She shares this "disturbance" with her husband over a post dinner talk and they both get lost in their own thoughts for long time. Neither of them slept well that night because they both realized that John was not alone. There are several Johns, Rahims and Rams who all have the same story. The inter-generational illiteracy and poverty was a vicious circle.

By morning they both had reached the same conclusion - "This just doesn't make sense. There is no reason why John's life trajectory need to proceed ONLY in the way it seemed to be. There has to be an alternate orbit to which he can be moved to."

..Only it may need an external centrifugal force...

That was the morning when the idea of Shifting Orbits got conceived. 

It took another 10 years for Ratnaraj to appear in our life and make this mission as our biggest obsession !

Our Vision, Mission and Belief